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Curriculum includes all the activities the School which promote and develop the personality of the child. The school follows state syllabus textbooks and integrated activities using the available resources. Many indoor & outdoor activities are being conducted to help the student, based on the prescribed curriculum. Worksheets & Assignment sheet are prepared by eminent faculties and distributed to help the children to perform better.

The subjects prescribed by the State Board at various levels as per the Semister scheme.

1 st to 5 th Std 6th to 7th 8th to 10th
I Language – English I Language - English I Language – Kannada / Sanskrit
II Language – Kannada II Language – Kannada II Language – English
Mathematics III Language – Hindi III Language – Hindi / Kannada
Environmental Science Mathematics Mathematics
Science Science
Social Science Social Science


Part – I Part – II PCMB Part – II PCMC
English and any one of the languages Physics Physics
Kannada Chemistry Chemistry
Sanskrit Mathematics Mathematics
Hindi Biology Computer Science