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  • 1. Be clear about the contents in this diary. Ensure that these instructions are implemented every day for the welfare of your child.
  • 2. Please see that the pupil reaches the school campus 5 minutes before the 1st bell in the Morning. First bell – 9.10 a.m.
  • 3. Pupils’ cycles should have a proper locking system and a clear identity.
  • 4. It is compulsory to attend Parents-Teachers meeting which takes place for the welfare of your children and family.
  • 5. Ensure that your ward takes a balanced diet to maintain normal health. The Lunch packet must match the child’s taste for food. The lunch bag should contain a spoon and serviette.
  • 6. It is always safer to send boiled and cooled water though the school provides aqua guard and hot water which is potable.
  • 7. Stick on to vegetarian diet only during lunch in School.
  • 8. Any permission/leave should be with prior sanction. If the ward is sick, a medical certificate must be produced along with a leave letter for a leave of more than three days.
  • 9. No pupil suffering from contagious/infectious disease shall be allowed to attend school even if he/she has to attend a Test or Exam on that day. Leave will be given only for genuine reason.
  • 10. Contact the respective subject teacher at least once a month to know the progress of your child and can meet the Principal/HM only between 10 and 11 a.m. on Wednesdays.
  • 11. Please check the School Diary/Note books for remarks and note the home work. No excuse shall be given for defaults in homework.
  • 12. Pupils are expected to take part in the extra-curricular activity of the school as part of civic training. Parent's support and co-operation is requested for the same.
  • 13. Please sign the diary promptly when a note or a circular is sent.
  • 14. When the school calls on the parent, the parent should make it a point to respond to the same without fail.
  • 15. Train your children, right from LKG to remember his or her parents’ name with initials, correct house and office telephone numbers, for any emergency contact.
  • 16. No school business will be transacted during holidays or after school working hours.
  • 17. It is essential for parents to contact school authorities periodically on prior appointment only.
  • 18. Please be courteous while solving any problem concerned to your wards by mutual discussion with the teachers and the Management.
  • 19. Guide, train and insist your wards to converse only in English to develop communication skills.
  • 20. Unit tests will be given without prior intimation, as and when a unit is completed
  • 21. Please familiarise toilet habits to LKG / UKG, pupils at home like flushing the toilet and washing the hands.
  • 22. Absenteeism for the test or exam will be dealt with seriously. No re exams will be conducted for absentees.
  • 23. Please avoid taking your wards from the school during school hours especially during exam and tests. Once the child attends the test he/she should attend the day’s class completely.
  • 24. Code of conduct & code of dressing should be adhered to strictly, failing which the school will be forced to take disciplinary action.
  • 25. Mutual love and respect would bring about good rapport between the parents, children and teachers.

    Mandatory Routine to be followed by the parents

    Visit the Website once a week and go through the diary daily. Please see that the following instructions are followed by your children mandatorily.
  • 1. Uniform should be neat, shoes must be polished and socks to be washed daily. LKG to 4th std girls should wear tights and petticoats (slips) suitable to their uniform. Ist to 10th students Wednesdays and Saturdays T shirt with Track Pants.
  • 2. Punctuality in completing the Notes, Homework by the students must be monitored by the parents
  • 3. Late coming should be avoided strictly
  • 4. Prior information should be given before taking leave. If it is for health purpose it must be accompanied by a Medical Certificate
  • 5. It would be greatly appreciated if the parents look into their wards day to day performance. This will help in avoiding many lapses in future. Only if parents co-operate with the school, we shall be able to churn out a disciplined and well groomed individual out of your child.
  • 6. Parents should not send mobile phones with their children. In case they are found with students, they will be confiscated, and a heavy fine will be levied.

PupilsVijaya vittala - More image

    Punctuality and Attendance

  • Be punctual to class on every working day. In case of late coming you are not allowed to enter the class without HM's written permission
  • Do not remain absent without obtaining prior permission in writing
  • An attendance of not less than 75% for promotion to the next class is required
  • Leave should be applied as per the format prescribed in the diary.
  • Be a regular scholar and study good books for your mental growth. Make the best use of the available library books to enhance your knowledge
  • Pupils are strictly forbidden to meet parents, visitors, or leave the school premises during school hours without the permission of the H.M
  • The school diary is a record concerning the student. Therefore, every pupil should take special care of all the entries in the diary and bring it to class everyday without fail.
  • It is mandatory for all the students from 6th std to 9th std to become the members of any one of the school clubs and dedicate completely in it with 100 % involvement
  • Discipline

  • Irregular attendance, habitual idleness, neglect of Homework, disobedience, and any kind of misconduct or any behavior objectionable to the good of the school will be severely dealt with.
  • In the school premises you should converse only in English. Adopt it at home too, in order to improve your communication skills.
  • If you are seeking the signature of the H.M. for any certificate, should wait for at least 2 days from the date of application.
  • Always pay respect while speaking to teachers or elders.
  • Do not lounge/laze with hands in the pocket. During change of class hours, maintain perfect silence and discipline.
  • Waste paper or rubbish things must not be littered in the class room or school campus.
  • Be polite and humble with everybody. You will be recognized for the same.
  • Do not shout or speak loudly in the class. Soft speaking is much appreciated. Do not loiter unnecessarily.
  • Be an active participant in all the activities of the school.
  • Class work should be submitted on time for correction. No excuse will be entertained.
  • Best outgoing disciplined boy and girl are awarded every year by following the basic criteria
  • Protection of School Property

  • Strict action will be taken at the event of disfiguring and damaging of the school properties.
  • Library books should be handled with care. A fine will be imposed if the borrowed books are not returned in its original form.
  • You are responsible for your belongings.
  • Laboratory articles must be handled with care. Damaged articles must be replaced by the one who damages it.
  • Maintenance of cleanliness is everybody’s responsibility.

Class LeadersVijaya vittala - More image

  • Be exemplary in your conduct and industrious in your studies.
  • Command respect in the class.
  • Extend all assistance in the class e.g. maintaining discipline, collecting or distributing books, attending to cleanliness and neatness of the classroom, bringing charts , class silence, marks card, collection and distribution of other records.
  • Keep the black board clean immediately after each period.
  • Write the date and number of students present in your classes on the black board every morning and noon. (High school students)
  • Inform the H.M. within the first five minutes from the commencement of the period, in the event of a teacher being late to the class
  • See that nobody uses bad words in the class or talk ill of anybody.
  • Never be partial to anybody in the class while maintaining silence.
  • See that every student meditates in the class, soon after prayer in the morning and afternoon, which refreshes and provides energy for the rest of the period.
  • If you find any problem in the class, please inform the class co-ordinators or the class teachers immediately.
  • School leaders will be elected through council election

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  • Pupil absenting themselves from examinations without genuine reasons will be considered as having failed.
  • Parents or guardians are requested to verify their wards’ Answer sheets/Report card carefully and return the same the next day.
  • Pupils, who have not paid the fee, will not be permitted to write the examination. Examinations are held in October and March for all classes.
  • High School classes shall have rapid tests apart from the exams, mentioned above.
  • Examination Oriented Training Programme will be conducted for the students of X Std. This will be followed by three preparatory examinations in order to make the students face the examination confidently.
  • If any student found copying or indulging in any other malpractice, will not be allowed to take subsequent examinations. Parents of such students must meet the Headmistress. Condign punishment will be meted out to the student, indulging in any malpractice, in the examination or found misusing/tampering the report card, according to the discretion of the Principal/Headmistress.
  • If the uniform is found untidy and incomplete during examination then the students are not allowed to write the examination
  • Extra coaching classes to slow learners are conducted mainly to facilitate them. So it becomes the responsibility of both parents and students to avail this benefit for the progress of the students to know their wards progress/ behavior.

CertificatesVijaya vittala - More image

All extra-curricular activities conducted in the school will be awarded certificates based on the merit of their performance. Special certificates will be awarded annually to those who distinguish themselves in any activity or any service. Special awards are given for the discipline, complete attendance and so on.

Talent Identification : It should be the endeavour of the parents, elders, teachers to identify the hidden talents of the students from the close and repeated observation. So as to support, encourage and nurture the talent among the students, the school authorities have thought to recognize by awarding them for the same.

Parent Teacher MeetingVijaya vittala - More image

    It is mandatory for the parents to attend the Parents-Teacher meeting. Parent teacher meetings are organized in order to

  • Make parents involve themselves actively in the pupil’s activities of the school
  • Bring about better understanding of the problems faced by the pupil.
  • Acquaint the parents with the modem methods of education. Lectures and Seminars may be arranged for parents, so that they can co-operate with the teachers in moulding the total personality of the pupil.
  • Suggest constructively for school improvement

Parent's Forum Vijaya vittala - More image

A Platform for the parents to actively participate in the school activities and bridge the gap between the school and community. This offers the parents to involve themselves in the school functions and activities.

Community Projects Vijaya vittala - More image

To fulfil the social obligation by extending all possible support and co-operation to the less fortunate children of the society.