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The Lord who is purely attired, who has clear complexion of the moon, who has four hands, Lord who is always adorned with a pleasant smile of meditation I pray to thee destroy all obstructions that come in the path of success.

I offer my humble obeisance to Goddess Saraswathi, who bestows knowledge.


Goddess Annapurna, the wife of Shiva, grant me the alms of Jnana and Vairagya.

Lord Krishna says that He is in the form of Vaishvanara in the body of Jeevatma and digests the four kinds of food.

The Lord Shiva is the father the goddess Parvathi the mother, the devotees of Lord Shiva are only relatives to me and the three worlds in oneness is my motherland. So says the Shankara the only Jagadguru of the land.


Lord, thou are our Father, Mother, Relative and also an Ideal Friend. You are the one, who will bestow divine knowledge, wealth and Thou are everything to us.

Let the whole world see days of prosperity, let the kings protect the state with righteousness, and let the whole world see days of happiness.

Pox 'O' biscum let the king, the head of our land govern his subjects with justness living on a right path always.Let the persons look after others with equality, live with happiness. Let all live with peace and blissfulness.

Classroom Prayers Vijaya vittala - More image


Lord Shiva is known by the following names, in Srishaila Mallikarjuna, Mahakaleshwara in Ujjain, on the banks of river Narmada Lord Omkareshwara, on the banks of river Gouthami, it is Trayambakeshwara, Vaidyanatheshwara of Chitabhumi, Dwaraka's Nageshwara, Rameshwara in Tamilnadu, Gushmesha in the temples of Ellora are the most popular Dwadasha Lingas. By reciting the names of Dwadasha Linga, sins of seven births get destroyed.

Salutation to thee Mruthyunjaya you are the destroyer of deaths and sins.Ye blue necked Lord you please shower on us the rain of peace and nector.

Salutation ye Lord of Uma, the giver of peace, Preceptor of all the devas, ye the cause of creation ornamented with the snakes and wearing the deer skin, you are the Lord of devoted souls. The omnipotent, loved by Mukunda, ye the savour of devotees by blessings showering happiness and bliss.


Lord with the long, bent trunk, with a stout body, having the radiance equal to Kotisurya,I pray to thee to give me success by removing all obstructions in the path of my endeavours

You are the proud of Goddess Parvathi, having the elephant's face with a single tusk, I pray to thee, who bestows many boons to the ordent devotees who worship you certainly. You are the sun to the lotus face of Parvathi, bless me.

Lord who has no birth, who has no form, who is above Satva, Rajo and Tamo guna, who is the embodiment of knowledge, who gives boons of happiness and has occupied the whole Universe, I bow to that Parabrahma Swaroopa, Lord Vinayaka.

I salute at the lotusfeet of Vinayaka the elephant faced served by all groups of demons, the cherisher of the juice of Jamboo fruit and bela fruit. You are the son of Uma and you are the cause to the ward off sorrows.


Lord Krishna the son of Vasudeva, blissful to mother Devaky and destroyer of Kamsa and Chanura. O' Krishna I salute you the great teacher of the Universe.

O lord Chakrapani you are residing in the house ocean. You are adorned with the diamonds of serpent Sdishesha. idol of piousness, lord protector and driver of the ship of worldly ocean, ye Lakshmi Narasimha uplift from this worldly fetters.


The yati who practiced righteousness, who is the Kalpavruksha and Kamadhenu for those who pray him, I offer my obeisance to such a divine Yati Shri Raghavendraswami. Being the disciple of Shri Sudhindra Teertha, Thou relieves the devotees from problems and bestows knowledge. I pray Thee for happiness in life.

Sri Raghavendra Swami washes all sins and bestows boons to the devotees and hence the name "Raghavendra". Sri Vishvesha Theertha, our Guru and Seer, who has received Deeksha in Jnanayoga and Karmayoga, I offer my humble obeisance to him.

Sharadamba the mother goddess the consort of creator parabrahma, holding in her hands Srividya the wisdom aksharamala the rosary, Amritha Kalasha the pot of nector shines like crores of suns fed together.Indra the king of Devas, Vishnu the protector of all and others salute her. She is not only the mother of the three worlds, she is the source of speech. She is the only goddess fulfils the wishes of all. May the only mother Sharadamba grant us all auspiciousness.


Goddess Lakshmi who has enchanting beauty, who is worshipped by the Devas in Sripeeta, one who possesses Shanka, Chakra & Gadha, O bow to Thee !

One who gives success in all our endeavours, who bestows Moksha, who is the embodiment of knowledge, one who also bestows wealth, I bow to that Supreme Power, Goddess Lakshmi!

From the radiance of your eyes, you have bestowed divine powers to Brahma, Rudra and Indra. The daughter of Samudra Raja, wife of Mukunda, I offer my obeisance to you, Goddess Lakshmi.

Mother, goddess Saraswathi the power of knowledge I prostrate before you, praying-"shower your choicest blessings upon us to flourish well". You are the incornation of the first desire before the creation took place. Now I start my studies with a prayer to bless me with success, you are reciding the city of the ocean of brightness(knowledge) - I pray, mother give me the wealth of knowledge.

Ye saraswathi you are the most beautiful rather the jasmin or the fullmoon. Adorned with icy whitest dress, having the sacred Lute in the hands. I pray allow me to wuaff the milk of knowledge. You are the only power in the universe that eradicates the disease of birth and death that is why the creator Brahma, the protector Vishnu, the destroyer Shiva the trinity always meditate upon you.

Ye, the godess in what name shall I pray, you are all in all. Every sound that we hear externally or internally is one among the names abundant.You are the centre of all piligrimages;you are the soul of every sound; you are the soul of every mudra a signet; you are the soul of all the school of Knowledge. You are omnipotent, you are the soul of the chakras; you are the soul of all sorts of efforts may it be to attain the worldly pleasure or the Bliss; you are the soul of all yoga and every sound or every sylable; you are the soul of all creations and initiations. In a short sentence I try to say you are omnicient, omnipotent, omnipresent. Any how I pray protect me, uplift me, preserve me, for ever and ever. I pray with all humbleness.


Lord Shanideva you are the son of sungod, you are with a large body and big eyes and you are loved by Lord shiva. Your movement is very slow, O kind hearted ward off all the problems I am facing.

O Lord Rama you are one only extraordinarily beautiful, O destroyer of all sins you give us always happiness and peace as you give to all of your devotees.

Ye eradicator of all sins, your twisted hair is beautiful you remove all sorts of fear of the devotees. I sing ye the only one with no similar to compare.

You are the preacher of eternal truth, kind hearted, grant the freedom from the betters of worldliness.You are the shiva, you are Niranjana. I sing ye the only one with noi similar to compare.

This world is an illusion there is no name or body complexion with no similar to compare.