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Well furnished library houses more than 6000 books catering to all curricular and co-curricular subjects, also include value oriented books moral stories and so on. New books are added every year. Many useful magazines, periodicals, Science Journals, Newspapers are being subscribed.

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Science Laboratory

Our school has 2 well equipped a good science laboratories providing the required facilities with all the necessary equipments to conduct experiments in any field of science. Sophisticated microscopes, models, charts, maps, preserved Biological and Biological specimens, slides, samples of rare ores and minerals facilitate learning by providing hands on learning experience.

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Computer Laboratory

Two well-equipped computer laboratories cater to the needs of students of 1st STD to 10th STD.

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Multimedia Theatre

A hi-tech I.T. Room with multimedia projector, Camera, computers with Internet connection, Educational CDs, Television set with Tata Sky network, V.C.D. Player, educational C.Ds Cassettes and tape recorders, green magnetic boards, OHPs to the classes from VII to X std, make the learning atmosphere more effective and interesting.