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Education is the most Powerful weapon we can use to change the world

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Education is a noble instrument which mould future generations into responsible citizens and good human beings. It is our mission to impart a strong sense of culture, values & deep knowledge to our students so that each one is looked upon as a role model by the present and following generations.

The aim of Vijaya Vittala Composite Pre-University College is to provide quality education to the students & encourage their inherent talents. 'Education makes man perfect' goes the saying and perfection is our aim for making our students the model citizens of the country. Pre university education is the bridge between the school education and professional courses. The students come to us in their formative years and so the responsibility of molding their personality rests with us. We take it on our shoulders to guide them to be responsible citizens of our nation. An all round development of personality of the students is our aim and so we inculcate sound values and provide an awareness of social and moral responsibility.

When it first opened its doors in 2006, the college had just 06 faculty members and 34 students. Today, the college includes more than 480 students and more than 20 faculty and 10 staff, with more than 380 alumni living and working around the country.

Ours is a distinctive college with unique tutorial system which underpins a culture of close academic supervision and careful personal support for our outstanding students. The faculty comprises highly qualified experienced lecturers who have excelled in their fields. Our college helps to foster the intense interdisciplinary approach that inspires much of the outstanding students to excel as leaders in so many fields. It is an approach especially suited to confronting many of the hugely complex challenges that face us all.

Our college believes that education helps students to affirm the goodness of the world. It fosters in him/her a sense of wonder and mystery about the whole of creation. It also aims at helping the student to get in touch with the world around him/her. This implies the creation of an atmosphere in the college wherein the student can easily acquire effective communication skills that can put him in touch with the world.

A personal approach to the formation of each student is another aim of VVPUC. Only such an approach will felicitate student's growth in openness to life's experience and expose him/her to proper guidance. Such a process of growth will finally transform students into well-integrated citizens of the world. Discipline is necessary to cultivate proper values in the student and to ensure his/her rigorous application to study, develop a scientific temper and participation in the various activities of the college. Our education aims at excellence which means the fullest possible development of each person and his gifts or talents. It thus aims at helping the children imbibe a growing awareness of the needs of the less privileged the poor of the world in which they live. The college is open to all without distinction of caste or creed Through religious and moral instruction, we try to cultivate in children good etiquette, holiness of life and dedicated service to humanity.

We strive hard to provide you with quality education, which takes you up on the ladder of success. We are very happy to say that the students passing out of our college carry with them the right values, which is the leading light through their journey of success in the years to come. We understand the individual needs and aspirations of our students and so help each of them to achieve their potential to the zenith. The inter-personal relationship of the staff and the students aims at providing the congenial atmosphere in the college to achieve greater things in student's life.