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Admission Rules Vijaya vittala - More image

We are bound by the rules governing admission to two year PUC of the Department of Pre – University Education Government of Karnataka which are as follows :

No Student shall be admitted to the P.U. course unless he/she has passed the Karnataka Secondary School leaving certificate (SSLC) Examination


Any other examination recognized by the board of equivalent to Karnataka. SSLC for the purpose of admission to the 2 year PUC provided such candidate is eligible for admission to the P.U. or equivalent course in the state in which the candidate has passed the qualifying examination.

Important information in respect of other states/Foreign students:

Students seeking admission from outside Karnataka or Foreign countries will have to produce the provisional eligibility certificate issued by the Commissioner Pre- university Education Board , Sampige road, Malleshwaram, Bangalore. At the time of admission the students should submit migration certificate.

Laboratories Rules Vijaya vittala - More image

Students have to follow these rules strictly while working in the laboratories

  • No student shall attend practical laboratories without wearing the apron.
  • Keep the worktables clean,
  • Writing anything on the work tables, Instruments and walls of the laboratories is strictly prohibited
  • When laboratory work is in progress don’t wander in the laboratory, avoid disturbance to others.
  • Submit neatly written practical records once a week
  • After performing the experiments arrange things on the table properly and hand over the instruments/apparatus with care to the Lab in charge/assistants.
  • Bring observation books and Clark’s table without fail. Do not write anything on the Clark’s table
  • Practical records duly signed by the concerned faculty should be submitted at the time of practical examination
  • Behave politely with the teachers, Examiners and laboratory in charge/Assistants.

Library Rules Vijaya vittala - More image

  • The library shall be kept open on all working days from 9.00 a.m. to 1.00p.m. and 1.30 pm to 3.30. pm. Strict silence should be observed in the library and reading rooms.
  • Books can be borrowed on the days specified for each class.
  • A student is entitled to borrow only one book at a time for a maximum period of two weeks at a time.
  • All books must be returned on the due date. A fine of Re. 1 per day will be charged for late return.
  • General Reference books such as encyclopedia and Dictionaries can be consulted in the library during working hours on all days.
  • While entering the library all belongings except reference notebook and pen should be kept at the place reserved.
  • Before books are taken out, students should ensure that the books are in good condition. Pencil marks, ink stains and other marks made in books, destruction of the binding etc. will be treated as serious damage and fined accordingly. The full cost of the book will be recovered from the concerned students if they lose the book.
  • No students will be issued li8brary books without producing the Library Card.

College Uniform Vijaya vittala - More image

It is compulsory for both Boys and Girls to be in full uniform on all working days. Details will be available in the college office.

Identity Card Vijaya vittala - More image

On admission to the college an identification card will be issued to each student. The student will preserve this card carefully and produce it at the time of verification while borrowing books from library, to get Certificates, Marks Cards & at the time of examination.

Class Timings Vijaya vittala - More image

The classes will be conducted from 8.00 am to 2.30 pm. With a lunch break between 12.00 pm to 12.30 pm.

Attendance Vijaya vittala - More image

The concerned lecturer marks attendance at the beginning of each period.

No Student will be allowed to appear for the Annual or Public Examination unless he/she has put in more than 75% attendance in all subjects. Students should neither be late to the class nor leave the classroom without the permission of the concerned lecturer. He/She shall apply for leave if required to absent himself/herself for more than a day. The student shall send a leave letter signed by the parents. No student will be allowed to be absent for a test or an examination.